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If you've ever wanted a piece of personalised art from FOLK Photography, now is the time to get it.

Virtual Sessions are now available to book.

Please fill in the form below to secure your session, availability is limited.

Session prices $350 USD and are currently half price for the month of June.

Want to know more?...

A Virtual Session....

It's simple, instead of me (the photographer) being in the room with you, we connect via your phones built in camera. Making this wonderful form of art accessible anywhere in the world.

An app and good internet connection are the essentials, the rest is up to you. Let me help guide you through finding your perfect outfits and your ideal location - you are not limited to your home, just by your imagination!

A typical session runs for about 90min and is $700USD. All images are taken on your phones camera, held virtually and then downloaded via the app to my photography studio where your images will then be edited in true FOLK style and sent back to you via your personalised online gallery.

This fly-on-the-wall style of photography truly allows you to be YOU!

For bookings or enquiries please fill in the form above.