The story of a photographer

The road has been long a winding but since completing her Bachelor of Photography (yes it's a thing!) in 2005 and working in a number of genres in many locations throughout Australia and internationally, Alana has finally found her 'home' in FOLK Photography and all that it embodies.

FOLK - For Our Love of Kin, is exactly that. A small solo run business driven by the two great loves of her life - her family and photography. A passion to capture the raw and authentic results in a combination of documentary and portrait photography.

Inspired by the soft romantic images of Olive Cotton, the clean documentary style of Max Dupain, and the provoking portraits of Annie Leibovitz. Alana uses a combination or her formal training, a love of nostalgia and all things candid to create thoughtful, warm and emotional images. Something to be cherished and looked back upon year after year, generation to generation.

A lover of the natural world, when she doesn't have a camera in her hand (a rare sight) you can find her pottering in her veggie patch or building sand castles on a nearby beach with her two children.

Capturing Memories...

Such a poignant memory for me... I remember sitting on the floor of my grandmothers home, the one my mother grew up in, going through piles of old photographs, most of which had fallen out of their albums. I was trying to learn the names and faces of my ancestors. I remember being so connected to her, listening to the stories and characters linked with each image. Holding the papery photograph in my hand, developer stains blotting the details, stern faces looking back at me.

My history laid out before me.

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